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Are you ready to be a part of the excitement? Don't hesitate - Become a Vendor!

 The Norco Horseweek Rodeo brings in over 10,000 people each year!  

Howdy! We're glad to have you here on the Vendor page!

Did you know approximately 10,000 people will visit Norco Horseweek giving your business fantastic exposure to people near-and-far with a super common interest - community events!?


We appreciate your interest in joining us and gladly accept the opportunity to work with you! Together we will ensure everyone has an entertaining and pleasant rodeo experience. We look forward to having your business or organization become an integral part of

Norco Horseweek.

To get started please submit your completed Vendor Application and Health Permit Application to secure your spot at the Norco Horseweek Rodeo.





For additional questions/answers

 Please call Tammy at (909)240-4407



Ingalls Park Rodeo dates and opening times 

Friday April 19 gates open at 5:00pm

Saturday April 20 gates open at 4:00pm

Sunday April 21 gates open at 2:30PM



group of cowboys wrangling a steer

View of sell out crowds from VIP stands

Sold out and standing room crowds 

Jewels farmer carrying American flag on horseback at start of rodeo

Become a Vendor

All Vendor slots have been filled for our 2024 event. If you missed out on the opportunity this year we hope you'll join us as a vendor for Horseweek 2025

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