Challenged Children's Rodeo

Location: Ingalls Park

When: Sunday, April 19th, 2020 @ 12:00pm


What to expect:

Before the rodeo, each child is outfitted for their competition with:

  • a real cowboy hat

  • a t-shirt

  • bandanna

  • and a calf roping lariat

(These all go home with them, as do extraordinary memories!) 

  • Every child is introduced to the crowd and recognized on their special day as they are presented with their awards as rodeo champions.

  • As a special memory of the day, each child has their picture taken with their rodeo partner, who autographs the picture, creating a special souvenir keepsake.

Because we have children who come back time and again, we make an effort to vary the awards and keepsakes.


Challenged Children’s Rodeo events include:

  • Calf roping 

  • Steer wrestling 

  • Bronc riding 

  • Bull riding 

  • Barrel racing, 

  • And even a chance to ride a real horse


There is no cost to attend or participate!


Norco Horseweek, Challenged Children's Rodeo

Challenged Children’s Rodeo is a rare and special experience for all. 

CCR is always looking for new members and, of course, for new rodeo stars! For information on becoming a member or volunteer, please visit the CCR website

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