Location: Nellie Weaver Hall

When: Tuesday, April 19, 2022 6:00pm

Parking is FREE


25¢ donation per serving! Use your spare change to feed the whole family!


What is Quarter Dip?

Great Food from Local Restaurants & Excellent Home Cooked Food from local volunteers and non-profit groups. All food is lined up buffet style (the biggest buffet you've ever seen) Appetizers to Desserts!  You move through the line and choose a serving (or dip) of whatever pleases you.  At the end of the line you only pay a .25 cent donation per serving! A Quarter a dip! Hence the name: Quarter dip!  


A taste of Orange County...NORCO STYLE!  

  • TONS of Great Food

  • Appetizers to Dessert

  • Beer on Tap!

  • Ice Cream/Root Beer Float Bar 

  • Live Band, Dancing and More! 

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