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Norco Horseweek Queen & Her Court  2023

For information on Horseweek Queens pageant 2023 text only to Kristyann Miller  951-847-5883   

Miss Rodeo Norco Horseweek 
Vianette Garcia


Jr Miss Rodeo Norco Horseweek
Leah Bonanno


Tiny Miss Norco Horseweek Princess
Grace Willy


Young Miss Rodeo Norco Horseweek
Trinity Crews

Tiny Miss Rodeo Norco Horseweek
Grace Vellejo-Perez


Miss Exceptional Rodeo Norco Horseweek
Brynlyn Bower


Grand Marshal
Don & Jewels Farmer


  Town Marshal
  Mark Moore


I am honored to be selected as the Town Marshal! 

Thank you for this recognition!


I was the first of five children born to the Moore Family in Long Beach, growing

up in Los Angeles and Orange County. In 1990 I married my wife Linda and we lived in Long Beach. The Rodney King riots in 1992 were a stressful time in Long Beach as the neighborhood around us exploded with gunfire, fires, and violence. I decided these are not the neighbors we wanted to live around and we decided it was time to move. Since we had already been looking for a better place to live, we decided to move to Norco and founded our home in 1993. I am the grandson of farmers in Illinois, where I spent many summers, and I loved the rural neighborhoods and animals and was excited to get active in the community. I grew up feeling that it is a citizen’s responsibility to support the community and the way I can help the most is by volunteering. At the Norco Fair in 1995, Linda and I joined the Norco Horsemen’s Association and found out that volunteering for activities introduced us to many people and kept us informed on what is happening in the city. I joined and volunteered for many other organizations and nearly everything I heard about. And the Norco citizens embraced me as one of their own and made me feel totally at home.


Most people recognize me from my many activities and when allowed, I usually have a dog with me. I have been seen chalking lines at the fairgrounds at 6:00 a.m., directing parking at many Norco events, lining up participants in the parades, setting up tables and chairs, loading and unloading trailers, tapping beer kegs, leading Markie-Mark’s Pet Parade, and many times, people say I just seem to know when I am needed and I just show up to help.


I serve as Property manager for Horseweek and the Norco Fair Committees, direct parking at the Hillside Craft Fair, participate in the Norco Ranch Tours the Norco Brew N Que and events for: the Norco Horsemen’s Association, Rural, The Regional Conservancy, the Horsetown Hall of Fame, the Lake Norconian Foundation and other organizations--too many to name.


I would like to send a big thanks to Norco Horseweek and my good friends and all the other volunteers that make me love what I do. I want to invite all of you to volunteer for as many of the Norco organizations and events as you can so that Norco can continue to provide you with the high caliber of services and entertainment that Norco offers and you can make sure your voice is heard. And you will have fun doing it! 

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