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2023 Norco Horseweek
Proudly Presented By:

Obstacle Course

Sponsored by:

Black Horse Ranch.jpg
Ted Hoffman
Norco Mayor Pro Tem

Location: Ingalls Park
When: Thursday, April 27, 2023 6:00pm

Do you think you and your horse have skills?
Then sign up and be a contestant!

Only $20 to enter.

Online Sign ups and Registration 



First To Sign Up will be First To Run

Online registration participants

will be assigned numbers based on the

date and time of registration. 

 You can still Sign up in Person at the event

so come on up and have a great time

5:00pm Sign-ups start 

6:00pm Event starts

(No sign-ups after 8:00pm)

CALL JOY CHASE AT 951-318-2793



Click here to see the festivities from last years event.   Our photographer, Dar Moyer took great pictures. Maybe you're in one!!!


              Bring a friend, grab a snack and enjoy the entertainment.

              You can:

              * Cheer on your favorite rider

              * Watch the competitors or learn some new tricks to practice on your own!

              Don't forget the camera - this fun event is sure to bring some great moments to   

             capture!    (and we love it we love it when you share them on our FB or IG)

For the participants

The obstacle course challenges the riders & horses and

brings great entertainment for spectators to enjoy! 

For the spectators

The obstacle course also also helps in the

quest to make horses and riders calmer, braver, and smarter!


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